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RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Madaster supports the calculation and reporting of whole life carbon in accordance with the 2nd edition of the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) standard.

The RICS WLCA Standard 2nd Edition

The RICS WLCA Standard is a comprehensive approach for assessing the whole life carbon emissions or global warming potential of buildings and infrastructure. Developed by RICS with contributions from industry leaders and experts, the standard outlines the necessary rules for calculating WLC for new developments.

Through the standard, assessors can forecast the carbon emissions of a constructed asset from its initial development stages through to its end of life. By providing a comprehensive and consistent approach, the methodology in the RICS standard enables users to make informed decisions that will help mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.

Streamlining RICS Reporting with Madaster

By utilising the information collated for the material passport, Madaster simplifies the complex process of completing a whole life carbon assessment. Madaster users can now select to have their whole life carbon impacts calculated and reported in accordance with the revised RICS standard. This automatically generates and infills RICS WLCA reports, helping to quickly and easily fulfil the requirements. Existing users can find more on our support pages.

If you’d like to learn more about Madaster and the new RICS WLCA functionality, get it touch for a demo.


  • By highlighting the carbon impact of various design choices, the standard aims to help manage carbon budgets, reduce lifetime emissions, and achieve a net-zero future for the built environment.  In the UK the RICS Standard is increasingly being applied when specifying carbon targets for new developments to provide the level of robustness and consistency required for project briefs. 

  • The RICS WLCA Standard is valuable to a wide array of professionals in the construction and infrastructure sectors, including architects, builders, property owners, developers, and sustainability consultants. However, it is particularly pertinent for assessors responsible for detailed analysis of a building’s environmental footprint over its entire lifespan. The second addition has expanded its scope to include all buildings and infrastructure throughout their entire life cycle. This updated standard ensures consistency and dependability while promoting sustainable practices. Developed in the UK, the standard is also internationally applicable.

  • Madaster automatically calculates and generates reporting templates using appropriate assumptions for granularity levels 2 and 3 – technical to post completion. For more information on this process please refer to our detailed documentation.

  • As of July 1st, 2024, any RICS member performing the role of a Whole Life Carbon Assessor must follow the requirements set out in the second edition of the RICS Whole-Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) standard. The Standard is also increasingly being adopted by sustainability professionals not affiliated with RICS as it is seen as best practice in providing consistent, dependable carbon results. The RICS Standard is also referenced in relation to complying with the Whole Life Carbon Assessments required by the and is referenced in the upcoming UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard (NZCBS).


  • You are able to view results aligned to the RICS WLCA standard by selecting the RICS compliance within the ‘Environmental’ tab. You are able to generate infilled RICA WLCA report templates at granularity levels 2 and 3 under ‘Generate report’ in the ‘General’ tab. For more information on this process please refer to our detailed documentation.

  • Madaster is one of the first platforms in the UK which enables the automatic calculation and reporting of whole life carbon in accordance with the updated RICS standard. Madaster is unique as it can support 3D or 2D (BIM and Excel) source information and automatically connects and calculates environmental insights alongside material passports.

  • Madaster aligns with RICS WLC 2nd edition for granularity levels 2 and 3 reporting. This brand-new functionality will continue to be refined and developed upon to extend the level of support available through Madaster when undertaking a RICS WLCA. You can find a full breakdown of how Madaster implements the standards outlined in the detailed documentation.

  • You can find the full standard and additional information provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors on their website.

Interested in how Madaster can help you calculate and report whole life carbon?

Madaster enables the efficient creation of material passports for assets and unlocks a range of insights, including whole life carbon calculated in accordance with the RICS standard. If you would like to see how this feature works and the additional benefits from using the Madaster platform, get in touch to request a demo.

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