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The Madaster platform

Create and manage material passports effortlessly and unlock environmental and financial insights with Madaster

How Madaster works

Import data

Import asset data into Madaster from BIM or Excel.​


Madaster maps your asset’s data to trustworthy databases of product information.​

Gain Insights

By leveraging the large amounts of data connected, Madaster produces a wide range insights to drive circularity and unlock value.

Connect with verified databases

Seamlessly enrich your assets in Madaster with verified databases, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on materials and their environmental impact.​

Create custom materials and products

Looking for something special? Create your own custom materials and products within Madaster with unique values for circularity, detachability, environmental impact, and financial value. 

Generate Material Passports for assets

Create comprehensive material passports for your assets, that can be viewed within the Madaster platform or exported, providing a transparent and standardised documentation of the materials used, facilitating future reuse, recycling, and responsible end-of-life management.​

Report whole life carbon

Madaster measures the environmental impact of your assets by calculating the embodied impacts associated with material use and combining this with operational impacts. This enables you to make informed decisions to reduce carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of your buildings.​

Measure circularity and detachability

Assess the circularity and detachability of materials within your buildings with the methodologies built into Madaster, empowering you to optimise resource usage, promote circular economy principles, and reduce waste generation.​

Comply with regulation and building certification programs

Stay ahead of regulations and meet building certification requirements by leveraging Madaster’s compatibility with industry standards such as EU Taxonomy, BREEAM, and DGNB, ensuring your assets are sustainable, compliant, and future-proof.​

Madaster insight dashboards

Gain insights into the performance of your portfolio

The Madaster platform is tailored to support portfolio management enabling the streamlined data capture and storage across your assets to both support sustainable management and corporate reporting. ​

Identify stranded assets with CRREM

Identify stranded assets and mitigate climate-related risks using the cutting-edge CRREM methodology integrated into Madaster, enabling you to align your portfolio with climate targets and make informed divestment and optimisation decisions.​

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to use the Madaster platform to unlock circularity check out our subscription options. ​

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