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Madaster UK Pioneer Network

Following the official launch of the Madaster platform in the UK we would like to invite you to join our pioneer network. Help to shape a circular economy and get the most out of the Madaster platform.

Be Part of the Bigger Picture

We are paving the way towards a circular future. We believe data, digitization and collaboration are the enablers of the transition towards a sustainable, resilient, and circular built environment. ​

The support and participation of organisations across the sector will be instrumental in this transition. ​

We invite you to join us in this mission as one of our 33 UK Madaster Pioneers, working together to create an economy that works for the earth, not against it.​

Become a Madaster Pioneer

Key features

Two-year access to all features within the Madaster platform​

Training, guidance and one-to-one support in the use of the platform​

Membership of the UK Pioneer Network (max 33 organisations) which will:​

  • Hold exclusive events​
  • Steer the further development of the platform​
  • Be prioritsed in Madaster UK campaigns​

Key benefits

Quickly achieve the maximum value from the platform including circularity, carbon, residual value and ESG assessments for all your assets.​

Reinforce yourself as a circularity leader with enhanced visibility through marketing and enhanced credibility by using robust data.​

Connect with like-minded individuals and organisations to share knowledge, identify collaboration opportunities and solve collective problems.​

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