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Circular and sustainable real estate

As a project developer, you know better than anyone how to build in a way that is smart, fast, and cost-effective. But are you also considering circular and sustainable construction methods? 

Sometimes, this sounds rather complicated and often it is. Madaster will make it easier for you to do so. By registering your building project in Madaster and creating a material passport, you will have taken a big step towards circular construction. More and more of your clients will be asking you to do so, for a variety of reasons, but mainly because the related EU legislation and regulations will become more stringent, in the years to come.

How Madaster can be of benefit to you

Using Madaster means that you will always have insight into all the materials incorporated in your property and their value. You will also be able to assess the degree to which these materials and products could be reused. Sharing this data with all those involved in the development process, from architects and contractors to fitters, is easily done. This is an attractive feature to prospective clients, and therefore will also benefit you.

Once a project is completed, you can transfer all the data digitally to the object’s owner. This is interesting for them, because during use of the object, when it is being sold, while refinancing it, or when the building has reached the end of its lifetime and needs to be demolished, Madaster can be consulted to retrieve all relevant information about materials and products that facilitates reuse. By thinking about that day now, you will have made things a lot easier for the property’s owners in the future.

How it works

  • Creating a digital passport

    When you register to join Madaster, you will immediately be able to create a digital material passport for all your projects.

    Digital passports are an innovative way of obtaining insight into and an overview of the choices that were made regarding materials and products used during the construction of the individual properties. It also enables monitoring the material details of your construction project from one central location without having to make a huge investment in terms of time and money. With the creation of the material passport, you will be well on your way towards complying with current and future circularity-related regulations and requirements.

  • Give yourself the advantage

    Circular construction is a trend that will grow increasingly popular in the coming years and is very likely to become a legal requirement.

    We can already see this in various countries around Europe, and it also features on the agenda of many politicians and governments. As a project developer, by using the material passport, you show that you are not only aware of this trend but are also actively contributing to it. This increases your chances of attracting and winning new contracts. Madaster provides real-time and dynamic insight into the progress of a construction process. Therefore, the required elements are revealed at a glance. This saves time and helps your planning and procurement processes in a smarter way. For large-scale renovation projects, Madaster helps to determine the usability of any existing materials and the residual value of materials that are removed. It also helps to reduce the waste flow, lowering the environmental impact as a result.

  • Completion with certainty

    The use of Madaster enhances a project’s moment of completion. Not only will you be handing over the physical building, but also you will be providing a complete profile of the structure of the object — a so-called digital twin.

    All the materials and products used in a building are registered and can be used for the fully automated generation of reports on environmental impact, such as CO2 levels and required maintenance indications. A material passport awards new owners a full understanding of the newly constructed object and helps them take the next necessary steps for managing the building. Useful information, such as operating instructions, maintenance instructions and warranty conditions can be easily included. Meaning, new owners will be prepared in terms of both compliance and technical and structural maintenance. If, in the future, renovation or demolition proves to be necessary, the residual value of all the materials is immediately clear to the owner.

Harvest the benefits

Create your account on the Madaster platform

The Madaster Platform

In Madaster, material passports can be created, effortlessly, based on a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. By automatically enhancing them with information on circularity, environmental impact and residual value, your Madaster environment will become a valuable data source.

The overview of registered objects, enriched with insight from algorithms, is available through our area register. It visualises availability of materials on a user defined area level. It provides insight for policymakers and anyone looking for data on the built environment.

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