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Sustainable and circular architecture

As an expert in the field of installations, you are invaluable for the finishing and functioning of any building. At the same time, this places a great responsibility on you, as property users come to you with questions or reports about environmental performance and running costs. 

Insight into the presence and useful life of each material and product is a practical way of maintaining the building in a circular manner. By doing so, you are a front runner in your field. Madaster is the environment that will help you in every way to gaining insight into the location of products, making it easier to find and reuse them.


How Madaster can be of benefit to you

When an object is registered in Madaster, irrespective of whether it is an office or residential building, bridge, apartment or wind turbine, all the materials and components of the object will be accurately documented. They are united in one system, where you and your team can easily see the status of those materials, components, and products. Are any of them near the end of their useful life? Could they be repaired by just replacing a certain part, or can they be reused elsewhere? You can use Madaster to show your client, contractor, or manager which choices you have made to save costs or increase quality. For example, after replacing a certain element, you can easily determine whether an installation could be reused. This is the responsible way of handling the materials that you have at your disposal.

How it works

  • Insight into materials and products

    As a fitter or contractor, you have expert knowledge and can identify what constitutes quality and what does not.

    You make professional choices and know how and when things must be replaced and what work this entails. It is good to know, in advance, what materials and components are included in all the products you use, as well as the extent to which they could be dismantled and what their average lifespan is likely to be. This makes it easier to predict when they will need to be maintained or replaced and what their residual value will be. Using Madaster will make it easier to plan and organise your work.

  • Clarity for all parties involved

    Discussions can sometimes arise about the need for and timing of maintenance, repair, or replacement work and how this could best be carried out.

    Madaster does away with the need for such discussions, as it offers an objective insight into the lifespan, disassembly possibilities and the circularity of every product and component installed in a registered building.

  • Less waste, fewer losses

    The lifespan of products, and even of the individual components within them, may vary. Detailed registration prevents usable materials from being discarded.

    This greatly increases the sustainability of any installation and its maintenance, while also making it less expensive. Madaster also shows the possible residual value of all registered products and components. This means that, when they do need replacing, they will still be worth something. As an innovative fitter, you want to be able to offer this to your clients, as it would benefit them, both now and in the long term.

Harvest the benefits

Create your account on the Madaster platform

The Madaster Platform

In Madaster, material passports can be created, effortlessly, based on a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. By automatically enhancing them with information on circularity, environmental impact and residual value, your Madaster environment will become a valuable data source.

The overview of registered objects, enriched with insight from algorithms, is available through our area register. It visualises availability of materials on a user defined area level. It provides insight for policymakers and anyone looking for data on the built environment.

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