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News 14 jan 2020



Laren, De Groene Afslag, 14 January 2020 – Today, Van Wijnen and Madaster signed a partner agreement. Following a long period of collaboration, they have now become partners. With this collaboration, Van Wijnen is taking the next step in circular construction and the financial foundation of circularity.

As one of the largest new housing developers in the Netherlands, Van Wijnen has been building homes, schools and residential care complexes, offices, shopping centres and sports and recreational facilities, for more than a century. The company’s goal is to be future-proof and 100% waste-free by 2025, which is why it is developing energy-efficient and circular solutions. Circular construction requires insight into the origins and processing possibilities of materials. Reasons for Van Wijnen to enter into a partnership with Madaster.

Madaster registers and documents buildings and the products and materials applied within them, similar to how land parcellation and landownership are registered in a land registry. Madaster can be used for generating a secure, web-based material passport for all real estate objects. Materials, thus, become traceable and permanently available. A material passport contains information about the quality, origins and current location of materials and provides insight into a building’s circular value.

‘Circularity is not an end in itself but a means to ensure that housing will still be feasible in the future and to keep our company future-proof. After all, why would we choose to quietly be rocked by the waves of change, if, instead, we could all be that wave together? Having the guts to do it — that’s what it’s all about!’, according to Marije Kamphuijs, Manager Circularity at Van Wijnen.

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