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News 18 apr 2018



Thomas Rau, board member of Madaster and director of RAU and Turntoo, has received the ‘ABN AMRO Duurzame 50’ sustainability award 2018 for his contribution to the increased sustainability of the build environment. Rau gave credit to the 33 Kennedy’s, whose funding enabled the establishment of Madster, as well to the Madaster team, who work hard on the platform each and every day.

‘Thomas Rau does not accept any half measures when it comes to optimising sustainability. He envisages transformation of the system. His vision sets a high bar for everyone, and he has successfully done so for years. That he has won the ABN AMRO Duurzame 50 award is well-deserved, as he is truly bringing his vision to life. Madaster being the most recent example. It may well prove to be the building block for transforming our current system,’ according to Petran van Heel, Sector Banker Construction at ABN AMRO and one of the award’s judges.

A remarkable appreciation for a man who considers sustainability a major problem rather than the solution with witch the world could be changed. Even the most sustainable building will not induce change. Madaster, therefore, provides buildings with a material passport, in which all materials are described, individually. The material passport provides these materials with their own identity, which prevents waste. Rau is happy with the award, as it shows we are all willing to go through the transition, and he calls for a new interpretation of sustainability, so that the award will be even more appropriate.

In addition to his work for Madaster, RAU and Turntoo, Thomas Rau also wrote a book titled ‘Material Matters’ together with co-author Sabine Oberhuber, in which they propose a radically different economic model. Following the book’s success in the Netherlands (with over 19,000 copies sold), it will also be published in Germany, this September, and a contract has meanwhile also been signed with an Italian publisher.

‘ABN AMRO Duurzame 50’ is an annual award, presented to the person who has contributed the most to making the built environment more sustainable. Earlier recipients include Claudia Reiner, Jan Willem van de Groep and Stefan van Uffelen. This year’s panel of judges consisted of Jan Jaap Blüm, Petran van Heel and Claudia Reiner, among others.

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