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News 10 jan 2019



Amsterdam, 10 January 2019

Insert, a cooperative of demolition, horticulture/landscaping and private companies, and Madaster Services signed a partner agreement, today. The collaboration between this online market place and the Madaster library of materials will make it easier for materials and products from demolition, renovation or transformation projects to find their way from Madaster via Insert to reach a new destination. The partnership will stimulate the transformation of resuable materials into building materials, with the aim of eliminating waste.


Insert has developed an online market place, in response to the increasing demand for large volumes of reusable building materials, trees, shrubs and other outdoor materials. This market place is being filled, continually, by the combined supply of multiple demolition, landscaping and private companies, each with their own identity, brought together at one central location.


Resources are scarce and their availability is limited. To ensure that they are not added to the ever increasing mountain of waste, but instead remain available for reuse, materials need to be documented. Madaster registers, catogorises and keeps records of entire buildings and individual materials, while keeping a close eye on safety, security, privacy and continuity.


All users of Madaster can generate a material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. This makes them easier to recover and reuse, in cases of renovation and restoration. Buildings, thus, become documented ‘storage units’ of materials.

‘We are pleased to be adding Insert to our network of partners. They possess a large amount of knowledge with respect to the inventory and marketing of reusable building materials. With this partnership, we are striving to realise an automatic coupling between Madaster and Insert. This will enable our Madaster Platform users to sell their registered products and materials on the Insert market place with the simple push of a button. The collaboration with Insert means we are yet another step closer to achieving a world without waste.’ – Rob Oomen, Partnership Manager

‘Together, we will make the transition towards circular operating methods in construction, landscaping and private organisations, by connecting and supporting parties within the chain.’ – Peter Kreukniet, Circular Programme manager at Insert

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