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News 6 jun 2018



Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6 June 2018

Today, at the Provada real estate trade fair, the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE) and Madaster Services signed a partner agreement. NIBE, thus, is contributing to Madaster’s further development. Madaster is an independent public platform that generates material passports with the aim of eliminating waste, worldwide. The platform can be used by private individuals, companies and government authorities, and is developed by Madaster Services, under the supervision of the Madaster Foundation.

Madaster functions as an online library that documents materials and buildings, similar to the registration of property ownership and land division at a land registry. All users of Madaster can generate a material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. This makes them easier to recover and reuse, in cases of renovation and restoration. Buildings, thus, become documented ‘storage units’ of materials.

‘Collaboration with relevant parties such NIBE increases the reliability of Madaster’s data. NIBE will link its product database to Madaster, which means that users will have more insight into the properties of a large number of products incorporated into their buildings. This could be applied to LCAs (life-cycle analysis), but also to quality labels such as DUBOkeur. The database link ensures further improvement of Madaster’s circular parameters.’ Martijn Oostenrijk, Director of Madaster Services

“For 28 years now, NIBE has been a frontrunner in the field of sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices. Right from the beginning, we enabled comparison between the environmental impacts of building materials, to ensure that designers could also include sustainability as a criterion in their choice of material. Linking our database, which is updated daily, with Madaster’s material library, a unique source of knowledge is created for the entire construction chain.’ Mantijn van Leeuwen, Director of NIBE

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