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News 2 may 2024

Morgan Sindall Group Become Madaster Pioneers

Leading the Charge Towards Circular Construction

In a significant stride towards evermore sustainable construction practices, Morgan Sindall Group has chosen to become a Madaster Pioneer, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the journey towards a circular future for the built environment. This collaboration with Madaster marks the next milestone on Morgan Sindall’s long sustainability journey, marked by a series of pioneering initiatives that demonstrate its dedication to reducing environmental impact and fostering circularity within the construction sector.

The company has long been an advocate for sustainable practices, evidenced by its partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Another initiative that exemplifies Morgan Sindall’s commitment to circular construction is the Circular Twin . This groundbreaking project involved digitally reconstructing an existing school building and reimagining the design process to prioritize lower carbon outcomes at every stage. By leveraging digital technologies and innovative design strategies, Morgan Sindall demonstrated its ability to rethink traditional construction approaches and embrace sustainable alternatives.

More recently, the company’s involvement in the EU research project, RECONMATIC, underscores its dedication to exploring automated solutions for sustainable construction and demolition waste management. By investing in research and development, Morgan Sindall is at the forefront of driving technological innovations that promote sustainability and efficiency in the construction industry.

The collaboration with Madaster will enable Morgan Sindall to deliver materials passports across their projects while supporting consistent data capture from various business units and integrating with their carbon calculation tool ‘CarboniCa’.

Graham Edgell, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Morgan Sindall Group, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s partnership with Madaster and its designation as a Madaster Pioneer.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, we are proud to join forces with Madaster and our fellow Pioneers in reshaping the construction industry towards a more circular and sustainable future.”

Graham Edgell, Morgan Sindall Group

Morgan Sindall Group now stands shoulder to shoulder with Drees & Sommer as Madaster Pioneers, as forward-thinking organizations committed to spearheading materials passports and paving the way towards a circular future, together.

“Madaster believes in a circular future, but we recognize that as a data platform, we are only one part of the solution,” stated Andrea Charlson, Managing Director at Madaster UK. “To achieve the transformative changes we desire, we need a whole circular ecosystem and collaboration across the supply chain and our Pioneers are a pivotal part of this.”

The Madaster platform enables you to create and manage material passports effortlessly and unlock environmental and financial insights about your assets. In addition, the Madaster Network supports knowledge sharing and peer support, though a programme of events.

To find out more about upcoming activities, our platform or network, or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration or CPD session please reach out below.

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