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News 14 mar 2019



Soest – 14 March 2019 – Ron van Ommeren, Directeur at Modulo Milieustraten, and Rob Oomen, Partnership Manager at Madaster, signed a partner and licence agreement, today. From this day forward, Modulo Milieustraten will be furnishing waste management facilities with a material passport. This provides Modulo and its customers, particularly municipalities, with insight into the material, circular and financial value of a waste management facility.

Material passport
Real estate objects are registered on the independent Madaster Platform and supplied with a material passport. This passport contains information about the quality, origins and location of the materials incorporated in such an object, including the degree to which certain products could be dismantled again. The Madaster Circularity Indicator (CI) provides insight into the level of circularity. Financial and circular flows of information are linked. The registration of modular waste management facilities provides Modulo and its customers with insight into the material, circular and financial value of those facilities. In this way, the reuse of certain elements of one modular waste management facility into another is being stimulated.

Circular waste management facilities
Modulo Milieustraten is both the resource and knowledge centre for circular waste management facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. Modulo advises and supports municipalities in their transition from traditional waste collection to circular waste management. Modulo helps municipalities by taking care of this process—from research into the alternatives, the design, organisation and realisation, up to the maintenance and inspection. It advises municipalities about the right location for local residents to dispose of their waste products and other resources, in a responsible manner, so that those can be reused. The waste management facilities of Modulo have a circular character because of their modular set-up and choice of granulated eco-materials. Madaster’s material passports allow insight into these aspects and awards a financial value to each of the resources used.

‘We are delighted to welcome Modulo Milieustraten as partner and licence holder of Madaster. Our material passports will provide Modulo Milieustraten and their customers with insight into the presence and degree of reusability of the materials inside a waste management facility, at any given time—including the financial value of those materials. This will stimulate their reuse and ensures that materials will not become part of the ever-growing mountain of landfill. In addition, we hope that this will also increase general awareness of the finiteness of the amount of resources on Earth’, says Rob Oomen, Partnership Manager at Madaster.

Ron van Ommeren, Director of Modulo Milieustraten: ‘Madaster is complementary to the circular waste management facilities that Modulo has been designing and constructing for years now, using modular elements made of granulated eco-materials. For the design of each individual waste management facility, we study the possibilities of making them as sustainable and circular as possible. Madaster’s Circularity Indicator is a practical tool for creating a database of the materials used and their individual worth. And, as this database can also be accessed by our customers, this provides them with an overview of the materials used in our waste management facilities. For Modulo and our customers, this clearly outlines existing projects, which enables reuse of the circular elements in future projects.’

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