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Blogs 12 oct 2023

Meet the Madaster UK team!

As we gear up for launch in UK, we want to introduce our team, Managing Director, Andrea Charlson and Product Manager, Ewan Malloch.

Andrea will be known to many in the sector, having been at the forefront of circularity in the built environment for 15 years. She has vast experience working in both the public and private sector, in an advisory, client and research capacity, and at all scales from industry-wide initiatives, to focussing on cities, projects, organisations and products. Andrea brings this experience to Madaster as our Managing Director for the UK:

“I have been an advocate for circularity in the built environment throughout my career, and, as a self-confessed data geek, have focussed on finding the right data, metrics and tools to enable this. I think materials passports are key to unlocking circularity in the built environment, so I am really excited to be able to launch Madaster in the UK.”

Ewan Malloch joined Madaster in January with a mission to prepare Madaster for entry into the UK market. Since then, he’s become well-versed in the growing capabilities of the platform and in supporting clients in a diverse range of projects.

Ewan’s background in Architecture and Urban Design has equipped him with a understanding of the intricacies of the built environment alongside an insight into its potential for circularity. His master’s thesis focussed on the nuances of material reuse and explored innovative facilitators for achieving a circular economy within the construction industry – using Madaster as a key reference. His expertise, combined with a robust foundation in sustainability, makes Ewan a valuable addition to the UK team.

“My commitment to advancing the principles of the circular economy has been a central theme throughout my academic and professional journey. I am motivated by bridging the gap between theory and practice in the pursuit of a more sustainable and circular approach to the built environment. I’m confident that Madaster can make a real impact on how the industry manages its real estate and infrastructure.”

Driven by a shared passion for revolutionising the construction and real estate sectors through the adoption of circular principles, Andrea and Ewan have joined forces to pioneer Madaster in the UK. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, and are committed to advancing Madaster’s mission to eliminate waste in the built environment by promoting circularity and transparency throughout the sector.

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