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Blogs 9 jun 2023

Maximizing Sustainability Across Your Portfolio with Madaster’s Portfolio-Level Dashboards

As the push for sustainable practices continues to shape the construction and infrastructure industry, organizations are seeking innovative solutions to monitor and optimize the environmental performance of their assets. Madaster’s portfolio-level dashboards empower users to gain comprehensive insights into the performance of their entire portfolio and individual assets. With a focus on key metrics such as embodied carbon and circularity, these dashboards provide a high-level overview and granular analysis, enabling informed decision-making for increased circularity and decreased embodied carbon.
Portfolio-Level Performance Overview

Embodied Carbon Insights: Reducing Environmental Impact

Embodied carbon, the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with a building’s life cycle, is a crucial metric for sustainable decision-making. Madaster’s portfolio-level dashboards equip users with a clear understanding of the embodied carbon of each asset. By analyzing and comparing the embodied carbon values across the portfolio, organizations can identify outliers, pinpoint carbon-intensive assets, and learn how to reduce embodied carbon in future projects.
Portfolio-Level Embodied Carbon

Circularity Assessment: Fostering the Circular Economy

Circularity measures the degree to which materials incorporate reused, recycled, or sustainably sourced content (input), and the degree to which they can be reused, recycled, or repurposed at their end of life (output). With Madaster’s portfolio-level dashboards, users can delve into the circularity performance of each asset. By identifying assets with circular input and output flows, organizations can enhance their procurement strategies and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.
Portfolio-Level Circularity

Driving Sustainable Decision-Making:

Madaster’s portfolio-level dashboards unlock valuable insights that steer decision-making for increased circularity and decreased embodied carbon across a portfolio of assets. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can strategically allocate resources, prioritize sustainable design and construction practices, and collaborate with stakeholders to drive positive change. Written by: David Parker, Senior Product Manager at Madaster You might also want to read Unlocking Sustainability Insights with Madaster’s Asset-Level Dashboards.

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