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News 5 jun 2024

Innovative flexible workspace provider, Koba partners with Madaster

Madaster welcomes innovative flexible workspace provider, Koba to the platform with their evidence-based circular proposition.
A CGI image showing the interior of an office space.

Koba has big ambitions to revolutionise the flexible workspace market with new circular business models and have set out their intentions in a manifesto. At the heart of this sits evidence-based sustainability, radical transparency, circularity, renewable energy & net zero and healthy outcomes.

They have a goal to register every single component used in their spaces with a digital passport, they have committed to using data to support and educate supply chain partners and they are looking to significantly reduce waste including through demountable walls of their own design. Koba has selected Madaster as the platform through which to create these material passports, measure their circularity, and importantly feed this data back to their customers.

Koba’s first project is the design, fit out and operation of a premium flex workspace offering at 100 Barbirolli Square in Manchester opening in Q4 this year. Their approach involves working closely with partners Drees & Sommer (also a Madaster Pioneer) and their integrated delivery partner Cast Interiors, to translate and deliver their circular ambitions across the project. They are confident in their approach, with occupiers increasingly aware of their impact on the planet and their ability to attract and retain a workforce looking for employers that align with their values. Communicating the circularity of the space to their occupiers is a key part of the Koba strategy.

Rob Stewart, Strategy and Sustainability Director at Koba said, “Madaster enables us to store and visualise circularity data and having the ability to display that within our sites will be a big part of our brand proposition.”

Madaster UK Managing Director, Andrea Charlson, remarked, “We are delighted to welcome Koba into the Madaster Partner Network and look forward to supporting them in their ambitions to capture and share data and insights about their project portfolio.”

For more information about Koba, visit Home | Koba (kobaspace.com), and to learn about Madaster’s platform, visit The Madaster platform – Madaster UK.

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