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Blogs 9 jun 2023

Madaster’s Incorporation of CRREM for Whole Life Carbon Reporting

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, large asset owners face the critical challenge of reducing the environmental impact of their portfolios. To help address this pressing need, Madaster has incorporated CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) within its platform. By combining the power of CRREM with Madaster’s native insights, asset owners can now unlock Whole Life Carbon (WLC) reporting. This synergy offers a valuable tool set for organizations striving for sustainability portfolio management and reduced environmental impact.

CRREM: A Game-Changer for Large Asset Owners

CRREM is an innovative methodology designed specifically for the real estate sector. It provides large asset owners with the ability to identify stranded assets, assess the operational carbon intensity of their portfolios and individual assets, and make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact. CRREM’s insights identify which assets need to be prioritized in which order to reduce the portfolio’s carbon risk. By using CRREM, organizations can align their real estate assets with global climate targets and stay ahead of emerging regulations and market expectations.
CRREM Stranded Asset Analysis in Madaster

The Power of CRREM + Madaster: Unveiling Whole Life Carbon Insights

When Madaster users combine the capabilities of CRREM with the Madaster platform, they gain access to a powerful combination that enables Whole Life Carbon reporting. Madaster’s expertise in calculating embodied carbon, combined with CRREM’s operational carbon insights, offers a comprehensive view of the carbon footprint throughout the entire life cycle of a building. With this holistic approach, asset owners can analyze the carbon emissions associated with both construction and operation, ensuring that sustainability strategies encompass the full life cycle of their assets. By obtaining a clear understanding of Whole Life Carbon, organizations can identify areas of improvement, optimize resource usage, and make data-driven decisions to reduce environmental impact across their portfolios.
Whole Life Carbon (WLC) Reporting in Madaster
The incorporation of CRREM within Madaster signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable portfolio management for large asset owners. By combining CRREM’s operational carbon insights with Madaster’s embodied carbon expertise, organizations can identify stranded assets and generate reporting on Whole Life Carbon. Armed with this invaluable information, asset owners can drive sustainable decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and reduce environmental impact across their portfolios. Written by: David Parker, Senior Product Manager at Madaster

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