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Increasing the value of materials

Circular construction starts with Madaster

Madaster UK Pioneer Network

Madaster UK officially launches!

Our Pioneer Network is now open and we would like to invite you to join us in our pioneering mission.

The limited Pioneer Network group will receive full access to the platform and will have the opportunity to help to shape and grow the Madaster platform in the UK.

Collaborate and learn from fellow front runners in the UK market and help to realise a circular future for the UK. Secure your spot in our Pioneer Network today!

Learn more and register your interest in our Pioneer Network

OUR VISION Madaster is the online registry for materials and products. In Madaster, data is recorded on all materials and products that are found in a real estate and infrastructure object, such as buildings and bridges. Registering every component provides insight, for example, into the degree to which an object can be dismantled, embodied carbon, or the toxicity of the materials and products used. It also determines whether materials and products can be reused after disassembly. Building in such a circular way means that we are drastically reducing the amount of waste and CO2 emissions, accelerating towards our net zero targets, and are taking better care of our planet.

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Our contribution to a circular world

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What’s in it for me?

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Madaster wins German Sustainability Award 2024

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How can Material Passports help to facilitate a Circular Economy? 

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The Madaster Foundation

The Madaster Foundation stimulates the development of knowledge, methodology and the transition towards a circular economy. This planet-over-profit organisation works together with the Madaster Services company, organises the alignment of our objectives on social impact and manages the supervisory relationship between both partners.

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